Etsy Find of the Week: ilusoria's Lace Up Socks

It's apparently sock week here at FMF. Jael showed us some fun Knee Socks, and I pondered how much I would pay for them. Esty shop, ilusoria, offers these fun and unique lace up socks. Some are knee length and others are ankle length. There are a lot of two tone socks too, but these green ones (pictured left) are my favorites.

I think these socks could be a lot of fun. I'm not sure how I would wear them yet, but I think it'd like to play with them. They're a really interesting idea.

These socks cost $30 for the ankle socks or $54 for the knee socks.


Jael Paris said…
They'd be nice house slippers.
Unknown said…
this is something i definitely need. i'm a sock person.

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