Autumn Brights

One of our readers expressed what I'm sure is a common frustration. She doesn't like fall colors. Autumn has my favorite color palette, and I tend to wear burgundy, dark greens, and browns all year. However, I understand how that could feel a little dull.

I have one suggestion that will keep you warm while adding bright color to your cold weather closet: buy neon jeans. You can still pair them with traditional fall colors, so you won't have to buy new boots and sweaters. Many people shy away from neon because they don't like how they look on their skin, but neon jeans will be far enough away from your exposed skin that there won't be much of a contrast.

Your best bets for finding neon jeans in the middle of fall are Wet Seal (under $25!) or Urban Outfitters (under $50).


Rachel said…
I love fall colors :) These are great looks, and I'm surprised that I really like the neon jeans. Hmm...

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