Vintage Shop Picks: Suits

I had a job interview last week (got the job, thank you very much) so I've had suits on the brain. If you want a vintage suit, they tend to cost a pretty penny. Lush silks and soft wools up the price but not as much as the rarity of finding all the pieces together in the same condition. You can get some great deals on Etsy as always. Below are some lovely suits for sale online right now. Click the picture to enlarge it.Top: royal blue wool skirt and jacket with rhinestone buttons 1950s, Retro Renegade Vintage on Etsy $55
houndstooth mohair jacket and skirt 1940s, The Cat's Pajamas $495
orange and black skirt and jacket 1980s, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Portobello Vintage $395
peach pantsuit 1970s, Forest of Ice on Etsy $15
white jacket and skirt 1970s?, This Years Model on Etsy $36
Middle: maroon and grey stripe jacket and skirt 1980s, Redux Clothing on Etsy $28
pale green jacket and pencil skirt 1950s, Vintage Vault $85
orange and purple tweed skirt, jacket and scarf 1970s, Dorothea's Closet $145
green linen jacket and pencil skirt 1940s, Violetville Vintage $248
Bottom: pink silk jacket, dress and hat 1950s, Posh Girl Vintage $549
gabardine tux inspired suit jacket and skirt 1940s, Dorothea's Closet $145
white jacquard dress and jacket 1960s, Rock That Frock on Etsy $118
aqua sequined sweater and skirt 1950s, Nikita Jade on Etsy $62


Anonymous said…
The maroon and grey striped suit is lovely...

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