Vintage Picks: 1950s Dresses

Maybe it's my defensive reaction to all the boxy jumpsuits I've seen on the runway this month, but I'm in the mood for reliably flattering 1950s dresses. Just show me a full skirt and nipped waist.Top: metallic paisley print, Blue Velvet Vintage $164.99
yellow lace party dress, Ballyhoo Vintage $79
pink and black rose print dress, Adore Vintage $145
Middle: purple paisley wrap dress, Viva Vintage Clothing $65
pink shirtdress, Good Eye on Etsy $75
coral silk taffeta dress with bolero jacket, Rosita Contreras, Alley Cat Vintage $190
plaid rockabilly shirtdress, The Vintage Bungalow on Etsy $36
Bottom: grey striped buckle dress, Posh Girl Vintage $345
blue velvet party dress, Planet Claire Vintage on Etsy $59
green and blue chiffon halter sundress, Debutante Vintage $159
black silk satin and velvet dress, Bergdorf Goodman, Rice and Beans Vintage $275


Anonymous said…
thanks for the shout out to Debutante Clothing! Great blog.
Unknown said…
i've always had a thing for the various cuts of dresses from the 50's. those look great.

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