Two Color Eyeliner

What's the deal Universal? Solange can't get a high quality video on Youtube?Solange Knowles has been taking a drubbing in the fashion media. I feel for her. The sexpot diva role was already taken by her sister, so she's carving out her own identity as the quirky one -- something people would never call Beyonce. While her video for the pleasant little ditty "Sandcastle Disco" is a sartorial nightmare as styled by Lisa Frank, I'm intrigued by her eyeliner. In some images, it looks like shadow swept around the bottom lash and halfway around the top. In other images, including some of her recent publicity appearances, it looks like one bright line on the bottom and a duller, more natural color on top. I've been sporting bright blue under my lashes and burgundy on top for a couple days now. It's a quick way to sport some dramatic makeup. So far, I've received neither compliments nor "what-the-hell-girl" stares, but I like it. What's your verdict?


Anonymous said…
I love it! I'm a total geek for eyeshadow and eyeliner in colorful, unexpected ways. I might have to try that, particularly the bright blue on the bottom...

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