Sweet Sleep, Victoria

Since becoming a fruit punch colored teen dream, I've been avoiding Victoria's Secret. There new fall line, however, is a sea of cool, rich colors and gentle sensuality over blatant sexuality. Three pieces stand out as sweet, sexy sleepwear. I prefer this pleated slip ($48) in slate grey*, but that picture is more model less nightie. I've been looking for a wireless sleep bra, and this mesh logo number ($40) fits the bill. It's available in burgundy, black, and steely blue. While we've bounced around on rompers before on Fashion Me Fabulous, I still maintain that they'd be great for sleeping in. Victoria's Secret is selling this pleated lace romper ($48) in grey* and plum.
*The website calls these blue, but I saw them in person. They're grey.


becca said…
I can handle romper as pajamas. That one is cute.

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