Save or Splurge: Workwear Dresses

Dresses are easy, effortless attire for work. When putting together an outfit proves too difficult for your pre-coffee brain, a dress provides the option of just throwing something on and looking great. Basic dresses are always a great way to experiment with accessories because the dress is a good blank canvas to show off a funky necklace, bright shoes, patterned tights or a fun belt (just not all at once).

Basic workwear dresses are versatile, easy to wear, and professional. You can throw on a nice jacket to add a layered look and a little more presence. This is normally where I would say these dresses are a splurge because they bring so much to your wardrobe, but I don't see any reason that you must spend a lot of money.

These dresses, like this gray pleated dress pictured above, do not have to cost a lot. This one is from Target and it costs $24.99. I believe I purchased it on sale so it cost me less. It's chic, basic and professional. It has nice shape and looks even better if you have some curves to fill out the pleats. The waistline, which is more empire on me than it is on the model, works great with belts. It even looks cute with a jacket or sweater belted over it. The neckline is also very pretty and will show of all the great statement necklaces I've been seeing everywhere.

This isn't to say spending a little extra cash on a great dress is a bad idea. They are a perfect investment. However, they can be found cheap so don't think you need a ton of money to add a ton of versatility to your work wardrobe.


Rachel said…
I agree- there's not a whole lot of reason to spend a lot of money on a dress unless you have a lot of trouble finding one that fits you.
Anonymous said…
I'm always for saving whenever and wherever possible. Let's face it, most of us have enough demands on our money as it is. BUT! If you find a FANTASTIC dress, and you know you'll get a lot of wear out of it, absolutely splurge. If the number of wears per dollar is a good enough ratio, it's totally justifiable.

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