Save or Splurge: Tights

It's almost time to wear tights! I love tights. My collection of black dresses benefits greatly from my collection of bright and patterned tights. In the past, I've done everything I can to spend as little as possible on tights. This is not longer the case.

They seem so easy to ruin that I've never wanted to spend much on a pair of tights. However, I've learned that some tights aren't so easy to ruin and rather worth paying a little more. I wouldn't go so far as to spend $42 on basic tights like these one from Juicy Couture, but I'm more than willing to dish out $10 to $20 for a good pair of tights instead of my former $5 maximum spending limit. Last year I purchased basic purple tights from Target for $6. They were great and I wore them all of the time, but they quickly fell apart sending me on a desperate search for new purple tights. I purchased Hue's purple tights at 2 for $20 (they were 2 for $18 last year, but sadly they went up). These tights hold up much better. They are harder to snag and don't separate at the seams as easily as the cheap tights. Macy's has a great selection if you like to purchase in person.

My favorite place to buy my black and gray tights is Kohl's from the Simply Vera line. This year Vera is even offering a few new colors and patterns in her line of basic tights. They cost $12 regularly, but I never by anything from Kohl's that isn't on sale. I can usually find them for $9 and get more off with coupons.

Last year, Jael Paris told me about We Love Colors, a tights site with endless color options. They cost $12.50 and look like they are pretty good quality. I'm willing to pay for the perfect color. However, this site doesn't have the size options of Hue. I usually go up a size in tights because I have such long legs and big feet. We love colors claims it could handle my height, but I know people they wouldn't fit.

Cheap tights do have their place though. I like to buy odd patterns or try new colors and textures so I raid the tight clearances and sales at Target (which has limited sizes in the trendy Juniors tights) and K-mart (which sometimes has an impressive collection of tights, in-store not online, that hold up well). Also, believe it or not, I found great tights at the dollar store. They were last season's tights from K-Mart and Wal-mart so they are decent quality. I even found a pair of black an white striped tights like the one's in the picture at the top, and I only paid $1.

Pictured in middle: Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's Colored Opaque Tights $12


Rachel said…
For me I'd say they're more of a save, but only because I haven't gotten any runs or anything in my tights for a long time. If I start having those issues I'm sure I'll change my tune ;)

I'm SO excited to start wearing tights and boots again!

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