Save or Splurge: Belts

Trendy belts have been making major statements all over the place for quite a while now. sThey are versatile, can spice up an outfit and really fun. They also can be purchased at almost any price. The thrift store has an abundance of belts (though not super trendy ones), and designers have no short supply of high-priced options.

I've come to love belts, but my budget doesn't allow for anything beyond Target's offerings, which are quite good. The super trendy stuff isn't a wise investment since it will go out as quickly as it came in so belts from Target and Forever 21 are the right price. Basic belts are pretty easy to find at the Thrift store. Many are quality brands and real leather for amazing prices. For me, belts are a save.

The only exception might be a really nice, basic leather belt to hold my pants up. Cheaper belts don't have the correct curve for a nice fit, and I haven't found the right one at a thrift store. I might pay a little more for a good belt like that.

Do you save or splurge on belts?

Pictured: Linea Pelle Bow Belt $78


Jael Paris said…
Thrift store all the way, but I love the belt pictured. It's curvy, bowed and my color!
Rachel said…
Save, but I'd splurge for an amazing obi belt... I've been searching.
Anonymous said…
Save on trendy belts, splurge on leather ones. Cheap non-leather belts for everyday use wear out WAY too fast, and they don't have any natural give to them. Leather belts move with you because, hey, leather was skin once, too! I have had two leather belts in the last ten years, and that's because I haven't needed any more. The first one wore out, so I bought another, and I haven't had to purchase another one since. Leather is worth the money for the durability. But for trendy belts, definitely save.

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