I was watching The Tyra Banks Show the other day, and the topic was how to stretch your wardrobe and your dollar in these tough economic times. I agree and disagree on some of their points.

First, what you pay for something isn't as important as your price per wear, which is always our major question in becca's "save or splurge" posts. If your bargain dress falls apart after one wear or your discount shoes hurt too much to wear frequently, then you paid too much for the item. Even though money is tight, $79 classic leather pumps are a good buy because you can wear them every day for almost every occasion.

Second, when you're on a budget forgo trends. They showed examples of celebrity knock-off looks, but you should only buy in to Rihanna's neon skinny jeans and animal print top if that's really what you'd wear when everyone else is in pastel florals. Again, it comes down to price per wear. If a big trend is something you'd wear over and over, chances are you'll be able to get it on sale in a few months or be able to pick it up discounted at a T.J.Maxx.

I do think that our outfits could benefit by dumping everything in the living room and trying to come up with new looks. Roomie and I did this with becca's closet several months ago and expanded her wardrobe in ways she hadn't considered before. Think of it as a party and new clothes for free.

Do you have any tips for stretching your wardrobe and your dollar?


becca said…
I have new clothes. Lets dump them on the floor again and find outfits. That was fun.
Rachel said…
Oooh, do that to my wardrobe... :)

Good points, by the way.

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