Project Runway: Episode 9

Usually when they get down to around eight or so designers on Project Runway, they have a team challenge and eliminate two of them. This is what they did tonight, but instead of four teams of two, they brought back the eliminated designers to help the remaining eight. This was also the Avant Garde challenge. The designer had to make an Avant Garde look based on the Zodiac sign of one member of their group. I didn't feel that the looks were all that Avant Garde, but there were some nice creations.

The winner was chosen by past Project Runway contestants at a party. They liked Jerell's look best. I would love to have a shortened version of that skirt.

My favorite of the night was actually Joe's fiery dress. He did a good job. I must admit that even when Joe's looks aren't very good and even though he's not one of my favorites, I always want to root for him because he's a fellow Detroiter.

Blayne, Kenley, Suede and Terri where in the bottom four. Suede's look was too simple and too boring, but it didn't send him home.

The judges were really hard on Kenley's look, which I don't really think is fair. While it wasn't one of the best, I also don't know that it deserved the criticism it got. At least they didn't send her home for it.

That means Blayne at Terri are out. Blayne is out for obvious reasons...

The judges said Terri's look was in poor taste. Also, she completely failed to work with her partner Keith and seems to have trouble working with others, which, as the judges reminded her, is very important if you are going to make it in the fashion industry (and life).

Blayne was good for entertianment, but he is getting so pale he might have died if he had had to go too much longer without a tanning salon. I'll miss the all the crazy neon. Terri has mostly passed through rounds with middle-of-the-road looks. I didn't expect to see her in the finals. I'll probably forget she was on the show by next week.

Photo Source: Bravo


Anonymous said…
I think they are beginning to twig that Kenley does take a BIT too much inspiration from Balenciaga/Dolce & Gabbana SS08....
Jerell is really growing on me...
becca said…
Jerell is growing on me too. He didn't stand out in the beginning, but I'm starting to really like him. He has distinct personal style too.

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