New York Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Thank you 3.1 Philip Lim! You've appeased my co-desires for wearability and an edge of funk. Love the ruffled sequin tops. Love the layered zips. Love the ruffled shoes. The shoes!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Anna Sui was fabulous Anna Sui with all the prints and colors and tribal influences. Of course, I'm biased in favor of anything that looks like a hippie-gypsy-pirate. Happy! Happy! Again, the shoes are amazing. Kudos to her also for sending out happy models, because smiling should never be out of fashion. Vera Wang, always one of my favorites, was just as sleek, romantic and modern as I would hope. I always like her neutral palette with occasional splashes of color. She used lots of sheer fabrics in this collection, but it's more ethereal than daring. The shiny details also keep things exciting.
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