New York Fashion Week Favorites So Far

There's a reason Oscar de la Renta has been in the business so long. His clothes are chic and wearable without being boring. His Spring Summer 2009 collection contained many adorable dresses and professional looks, but it was the pants that really attracted me. Don't these look comfortable and perfect for most women's bodies?
On the other end of the wearability spectrum were Diesel's feathered accessories. I've never been a Diesel fan, but I have a major feather fetish. Love the jackets! I'd even wear that military hat in a slightly smaller version.Betsey Johnson was typically fun and girly. The neon floral prints were too much for me, but once the show got to the pirate stage, I was very happy. Not surprising considering that I've been pushing renaissance fair shopping this week. Check out the adorable shoes and fun frock coats!
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becca said…
I love Oscar de la Renta. I feel like I could wear most of what he creates.

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