More NY Fashion Week: Marc and Marc by Marc

I have not been thrilled by New York Fashion week so far. I agree with Jael -- it has been disappointing. Marc Jacobs did deliver some decent shows though.

I liked the Marc Jacobs show with the cinched waists, the bold prints, the vivid colors and the ladylike details.

When I look at Marc by Marc Jacobs I'm usually looking for what I will be seeing at Forever 21 the next season and what trends all the kids will wearing. I like that the bright colors are still around. The flirty ruffles and stacks of candy-colors skinny belts are fun. I even really want the skirt on the left. However, I don't approve of the mini fanny packs.
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Rachel said…
I've been happy to see some of the elements I like in popular fashion staying in... like cinched waists, knee-ish length skirts, and tights. And I've been seeing some hats on the runway! Fun!

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