More New York Fashion Week Favorites

I would love to have the sort of career that required me to wear lovely, elegant dresses all of the time, something like an old-Hollywood actress, a very wealthy person or a princess. Marchesa's spring collection is perfect for elegance and whimsy. The dresses are sure to make appearances on the red carpets. If only they were making appearances on me.

The same goes for J. Mendel. If I had the sort of life where I wore a lot of evening dresses, I believe I would be wearing a lot of J. Mendel. His clothing is simply lovely. The glamor is more understated than that of Marchesa, but no less beautiful.


Anonymous said…
I know models aren't typically supposed to smile or whatever, but the chick in the black and white dress looks like they pulled her in off the street, and not in a shabby-chic sort of way. Give the poor girl a shower and a nap.
Rachel said…
Pretty. Those all look very wearable.

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