The Michigan Renaissance Festival

Sunday, I went to The Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly with darling, garb-loving Roomie. Being a fashion nerd, the whole fair is eye candy of people playing with over-the-top self expression. There are fairies, belly dancers, Vikings, Celts, Musketeers, conquistadors, wenches of various containment, demons, ladies, gentlemen, and people sporting a mix of whatever the hell they feel like.

This girl was just hugging the tree in the fading afternoon light. I liked her blend of garb like the corset and gauntlet with more modern things like short skirts and fishnet tights.Most people at such fairs go all out in riotous color, even though that's not very authentic. Roomie and I loved this woman for her layers and layers of black, the most expensive color of the Renaissance.
More ladies and gentlemen!
The white wizard here has an epic beard. On top of that, he received my favorite compliment of the day: "I love your potion bottles!" Accessories are key.Were I a man, I'd go Celt for the fair. Nice breeze. My hubby swears by it. His kilt occasion is any day ending in y.
Gratuitous amounts of belly dancers!
This young girl wasn't really dressed for the festival so much as going all out with her personality. She reminded me of a Tim Burton character. Her mother wanted her to take off the sweatshirt, but I liked it's element in the look. She was a casual, punky, girly, goth, rockstar. I was impressed that she managed to stand out in this crowd.
Later this week, I'll post about some of my favorite shops.


Rachel said…
I heart boots!

That last girl has such a fun style! Happy!
Anonymous said…
My sister works for the Renn Faire around here so I get to go all the time. I find it similarly fun fashion/self expression wise!

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