Love or Loathe: Boob Curtains

While watching The Man with the Golden Gun, my husband mentioned the deep unsexiness of Good Night's supposedly sexy nightie. "It's a boob curtain. Everything just goes straight down. It looks horrible. Why do women wear these things?" My short response was that women don't always dress for men and someday we don't feel like having our lumps and bumps on display. I've heard this complaint before, usually with pregnancy jokes. (No, dear brother, you're not funny.) Does it matter to you that men find these flowing dresses and tops so blah? Does comfort on a hot or bloated day trump any baby bump cracks you'll have to endure?


Anonymous said…
I've got a linen dress (I call it "the oatmeal dress") that is the most comfortable thing in the world. It has absolotely no shape, and by its name, I'm sure you can guess the color. But I don't care. I love it because it's comfortable. I also love it because it's hideous, so I can paint in it and not care about ruining it. If it were a touch longer, I might even consinder wearing it out of the house. This is why I need some purple leggings.
Kasmira said…
I don't think I technically have any "boob curtain" tops or dresses, but I have plenty of empire waisted things. They offer the same tummy concealment. Perfect for eating occasions.

Your right, we don't always dress for men. And men are overly boob-obsessed.
Kasmira said…
Umm...I mean "you're right"
becca said…
I guess I have some boob curtain style tops. I usually wear them with skinny jeans though or tucked into a higher waist skirt. Longer ones are fun to belt. And they are wonderfully forgiving when I feel like none of my clothes fit. As for baby bump comments, even empire waist tops get those.

I'm not on a manhunt. I just like clothes.

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