London Fashion Week Favorites So Far

I'm not familiar with Eley Kishimoto, but I love the chaos of prints. Printed tops and skirts, printed dresses, and printed tights and shoes! This collection is pure fun and whimsy.Speaking of fabulous prints from designers I've never heard of, check out the blend of Japan and 80s pop art at Basso & Brooke. (Does anyone else think platforms have reached ridiculous heights?)becca wrote about the princess gowns shown in New York, but I find them rather dull. Red carpets have grown dull with starlets relying on a generic pretty instead of infusing themselves with any sort of personality. (Of course, that applies to the little girls who are considered stars these days anyway. *cough Jessica Alba cough*) Roksanda Illinic makes the sort of skewed pretty dresses I'd like to see on an actual star like Cate Blanchett. Sure people would talk, but most people would secretly wish they had her confidence.
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Rachel said…
I love all the crazy prints- so happy!

The thing that bothers me about those dresses in the last set of photos is that I immediately think, "I could make that in ten minutes or less with old clothes and fabric scraps." Although I agree that confidence is everything no matter what you wear.
Anonymous said…
I am a huge fan of the Basso & Brooke green and blue belted dress. Great choices! I'm loving your fashion week coverage.
Anonymous said…
Roksanda's work does look haphazard at times but in person you can see it is beautifully made
Unknown said…
I am IN LOVE with these!!!
I especially LOVE The last set!
I really enjoy your blog and hope you don't mind me adding you to mine. It will just let me click over to you more easily!
and hopefully get you a few new readers too!

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