Happy Birthday Fashion Me Fabulous!!!

Today is Fashion Me Fabulous' first birthday. I think we've settled into a nice groove, found our voices and conquered the beast known as Photoshop. You must think we're at least mildly amusing, because you're here. In the first of several surveys to come this week, we want to know how you came to fashionmefabulous.blogspot.com.

  • a search engine.
  • a friend with great taste.
  • Polyvore.
  • another website linked to FMF.
  • your fantastic choice to feature my store!
  • you. I know you, and you constantly insist I read FMF.
  • ...I don't remember, but I'm happy I'm here.


Rachel said…
Happy Birthday, FMF!! I can't believe it's been a year already. You ladies are doing such a great job :) I'm so proud...sniff...

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