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September marks one year of Fashion Me Fabulous! The fashion just keeps coming, but we want to take a little break for you to get to know us. I used my poor interviewing skills to ask my editor, co-blogger, and good friend becca some questions about Fashion Me Fabulous and her stylish thoughts.

It's not uncommon for becca to fall asleep at her computer. Oh the glamorous life of a fashion blogger.Why did you start Fashion Me Fabulous?
I started FMF for a few reasons. I love fashion and have dreamed of writing for a fashion magazine. Also, I wanted build my portfolio. FMF gave me writing clips and web-publishing background, both of which have been great experience.

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging with a focus for over three and a half years. I had to blog as a class assignment in college. If I would have had more time in college, I think I would have blogged a lot more. I had some personal blogs before that but they don't really count.

How is blogging for Fashion Me Fabulous different from your other blogs?
FMF is written with a friend. This is the first time I've collaborated on a blog and I hope to collaborate with other writers in the future. Also, FMF really lets me have a lot of fun with fashion.

What sets FMF apart from other fashion blogs?
FMF is written from the Midwestern perspective making it different from most fashion blogs and magazine, which are typically written in major fashion capitals like New York. FMF also keeps in mind that we all don't have lot of money to spend clothes or even a desire to spend a ton money on clothes. We try to write for real women regardless of size, lifestyle or income. FMF also loves to support independent designers and artists like those we find on Etsy.

Aside from posting, what do you do?
I work on the networking, search engine optimization, advertising, troubleshooting and researching ways to make the blog better. It's not the most interesting stuff but I actually enjoy it.

When you’re not blogging, you are...?
Currently, I'm packing to move. Usually I'm reading, working, writing or visiting friends when I can.

You hope people come to Fashion Me Fabulous and say...?
I like this blog. I should come back.

What designers are in your closet?
My closet has lots of Target diffusion lines and Kohl's Simply Vera line by Vera Wang, but it has few major designers. I do have a go-everywhere black dress by BCBG, and my makeup bag is packed with Dior.

What designers do you dream of being in your closet?
Chanel, J. Mendel evening gown, Vera Wang, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jabocs, a great Betsey Johnson party frock, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, a Burberry trench coat, DVF wrap dress... This list does not have an end.

You can never have enough...?
Shoes. Coffee. Purses. Chocolate. Dresses.

You hate shopping for...?

What’s the most over-rated accessory?
Small dogs and fake tans.

Most underrated?
Confidence and a smile, even if that sounds cheesy.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on clothes?
Sadly, my $200 bride's maid dress that I will never wear again is the most I've ever spent. My black boots come close at $190.

What was your best bargain?
My go-everywhere BCBG dress was $30 on clearance. I have no idea why it was so cheap, but I'm happy. That dress is perfect for everything.

Where do you save the most?
Dresses are always my best buys. Dresses are very versatile and easy to wear and worth spending money on. I find great deals by buying off-season (like my BCBG dress) and save a ton on pieces central to my wardrobe.

Who are your style icons?
Audrey Hepburn—because she often looked timeless.
Katherine Hepburn—she had a power in her style.
My Mom—her casual, hippie look from her younger years influenced all of my fashion choices in jr. high and high school.
My Grandmother—her style mantra was “simple is elegant,” and she was so beautiful she didn't need anything but simplicity.


Rachel said…
Gee, I feel like I know her ;)

Interviews are so fun to read.

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