The Frye Boot Watch Begins

Last winter, we received hit after hit and email after email about the Frye Adrienne boot. (It's back this season, and I'm already on sale watch.) I have a pair, and they're worth the hype. Will the company's hot-streak continue?This year, Frye has three more offerings that are flying off the racks. Also in the Adrienne's military vein is the Paige Buckles boot. It's available in black, brown, grey and navy.The Piper Studded boot is over $400, but Endless is almost out of their early stock. If you're a size 10 and want black, you can get it now without waiting for the restock.My bet for the Frye boot of the season is this green fold-over Ava Button bootie. (It's also available in a sweet grey.) Wouldn't it be perfectly sexy with everything?
What do you think will be the boot of the season?


ISA* said…
I really like the Ava Button bootie. great colour!
Rachel said…
The last pair is SO cute- I'd buy them... if I had $380 to spend on boots. just inspired me to go on a very long virtual boot shopping trip. I want some versatile knee-high black leather boots with a low heel. For cheap ;)
Jael Paris said…
Rachel, I'm all over it. Now that it's fall, my boot obsession is in full swing and you can expect about one boot post a week!
Unknown said…
If you live near a Lord & Taylor regular price boots are 20% off. I got a pair of black leather Born flat boots (lined!) for $130
Unknown said…
I have been totally having boots on my mind!
These made me almost DROOL on the keyboard!!!
Anonymous said…
I think every woman, in her heart, is inexplicably obsessed with boots. No exception here! I was worried I was overpaying for my Adriennes but they are absolutely perfect. Cute, comfortable, sexy but not overtly so. And I love that little green bootie- good pick.
MEOW said…
I think Frye Adrienne boot is the best. Look so classy. I wonder what is the price of these boots now?.

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