Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Rodarte's blend of tough and soft is exactly where I've been for months now. The show started with beige layering, moved onto black, and ended on a colorful note. I love the lattice leggings (never thoughts I'd use the words love and leggings in the same sentence) and ribcage-like slashed tops.Monique Lhuillier appealed to my classy professional side. It's definitely a collection you can wear to work, but the sharp tailoring, prints, and bead detail keep the show from being typical office wear. The gauzy, goddess evening wear will certainly be making red carpet appearances.Overall, this season in New York is disappointing. Several designers just phoned the season in with semi-appealing but boring draped jersey, which feels like a defense against the struggling economy. I hate the boxy silhouette that will be an 80s horror on most women's bodies. Many of the prints are just plain ugly. And for some reason the tailoring seems sloppy on several runways, like they ran out of time before sending the models out.

Please, Europe, dazzle me!

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