Etsy Shop of the Week: Janine King Designs

Cute technology carrying cases are becoming easier to find. I remember when most laptop bags came in black with lots of pockets, zippers, nylon, straps and little style. I love function, but I need it to have a some form too.

Janine King Designs on Etsy offers plenty of function and lots of lovely form. The range of patterns is amazing, and matching cell phone and iPod cases, small pocket purses, and general purpose totes are available.

If you have to lug around your technology, this is a great way to do it in style. The laptop bags with adjutable straps (pictured above) are streamlined and great to grabbing your laptop to go. The sleeves let your slip it into any of the tote bags your already have. And the laptop totes (pictured left) let you carry your compy and all other stuff you can't live without.

Laptop cases and bags cost anywhere from $50 to $90. Handbags and totes cost $20 to $30. And your phone or iPod can stay cozy for around $19.

Laptop bag with adjustable strang in Medallion $69.99
Latptop tote in Asian Cherry Blossom $79


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