Blogs Make a Face

-- The Makeup Girl tried all of L'Oreal's drugstore bargain Vive Pro line.

-- Fashionista learned some tricks backstage at Shipley & Halmos. (pictured)

-- Kiss and Makeup is curious about new Bliss Wonder Balm.

-- Makeup Moxie recommends Olay's Regenerist Touch of Foundation.

-- Panecea81 shows us how to get Amy Winehouse's winged eyeliner.

-- Beauty Addict is ready for lush autumn scents.


[LaLa] Lauren said…
My friend Jessica Monroe (who works at Better World Books) told me about this blog because I love fashion so much. I'll definitely add it to my RSS! Do any of you have connections to the fashion industry?
Jael Paris said…
Thanks! Alas, becca and I just have an intense interest in fashion. She works in publishing, but not in the fashion industry. I work with minors, which is why pics of me on Fashion Me Fabulous have no head. I do, in fact, have a head. :-)
Anonymous said…
Fashionista link hates me. :(

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