2008 MTV VMA Fashion

This year, the VMA's didn't quite live up to my fashion hopes. The VMA's are a great place for celebs to wear some crazy, fun, trendy stuff, which a few of them tried to do.

My favorite fashion find of the night was Pink's bright blue skirted trench coat. My seemingly endless search for a great skirted trench has now been ongoing for a year. I've found it. I want this one. (On a side note, I think I have those boots. I got them for $10 in like 10th grade. I'm not sure what that says about me.)

Miley Cyrus (Since the clothes weren't amazing this year and I don't write about reality stars with no talent, I'm writing about Miley.) rocked a great, age-appropriate look. It was fun, young and sparkly. She looked cute.

Several stars chose dramatic dresses for the VMA red carpet. However, none of them wowed me. Pink's dress is cool and very her, but she looked a little off in it. Christina may have had something with the spidery goth dress, but it missed for me too. It looked like it was sliding off, and at first I couldn't tell it was Christina. This was a lot of look. Ashlee looked pretty and about to pop, but the dress kinda of drowned her.

Rhianna, who usually comes up with something rather interesting, disappointed me so I'm not including her picture. It was boring.

What were your favorites and least favorites?

Image Sources: MTV, OMG Yahoo,


Jael Paris said…
Rihanna was very boring. So disappointing.

I loved Pink's trench! Britney also looked great.

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