2008 Emmy Red Carpet

The 60th annual Emmy awards were last night. Like all red carpet events, celebrities relied on Grecian-inspired gowns and generally ignored the amazing looks coming down the world's runways. Even so, some women managed to stand out.

If Christina Applegate's dress wasn't patterned or if she hadn't paired the look with old Hollywood glamour red lips and nails, she would have been another star in a Grecian gown. Those details propel her Reem Acra dress to one of me favorite looks of the night. Is Grace Kelly coming to anyone else's mind?Vanessa Williams was also a show-stopper in print. Her black and white one shoulder gown by Kevan Hall was classy but different.Marcia Cross wore a soft Eli Saab confection, thus helping women every where live out their princess fantasies. It's a nice change from her usual jewel tone retro glamour look. The color is nice on her and the flower detail is rich.Also in the hot red-head category, Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. (Note to self, she is not Bryce Dallas Howard, no matter how many times you think she is.) This dress isn't anything special, but she is so delciously curvy and crimson tressed I can't help but love her. Please, never ever diet. There are enough stick limbs and boney sternums in Hollywood.If anyone was in doubt, Heidi Klum is a supermodel. She wore an asymetrical silver gown by Armani and the only word to come to mind is stunning.What was your favorite Emmy look?

Image source tv.yahoo.com.


Vicki said…
Didn't Christina Applegate just have a double mastectomy a few months ago? If so, damn, she looks amazing.
Jael Paris said…
I know she had breast cancer, but I don't know about a mastectomy.
Rachel said…
I like Marcia Cross' gown- how fun and classy! Good pics all around though. I didn't watch the Emmys... I didn't know it was on until it was over :P
Anonymous said…
Yes, Christina had a double mastectomy. I think she looked fabulous!

I loved Marcia Cross' vintage inspired dress, but the overall looks that stole my heart were America Ferrera and Christina Hendricks. My God that woman's body is divine!
Unknown said…
I choose to not have my television hooked up so I am ALWAYS out of the t.v. loop!
Great choices to share..I thank YOU!
Christina Hendricks was deliciously sexy and wonderful! ALL WOMAN!
Yes, it would be a shame for her to diet and become sickly skinny like so many of these pretty women gone stick thin!

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