Save or Splurge: Wraps

I love wraps. They make lovely scarves in both the summer and winter. They can be fun belts or headbands. They can spice up a shirt or even be a shirt if belted properly. They fold up small to stuff in a tote in case it gets a little chilly.

I have several wraps, and I've never paid more than $10 for one. However, I think I might spend a little more if I found something in a material, pattern or color I really want. Last winter I found a lovely plum wrap for $24, and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it because I haven't found that color anywhere else.

I think a wrap is worth the money when it's made out of a beautiful material. I prefer washable silks or cotton because a wrap tends to sit close to my face so I like to be able to wash it easily. A "dry clean only" wrap just costs too much in the long run. This Celebration of Orange Close Weave Wrap from Rainbow Revolution on Etsy is 100% cotton and a beautiful color. I think it's well worth $35.

What would you spend on a wrap?


Jael Paris said…
Ooh! Pretty color. It feeds my orange obsession.
Leanne Lonergan said…
Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my Celebration of Orange wrap!!! I got quite a surprise to see it come up on google alerts!

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