Save or Splurge: Stylish Sneakers

I'm really more of a high heels kind of girl, but I do love a great pair of stylish sneakers. My brown leather Diesel sneakers cost almost $90, and they were well worth it. Now, they are three years old, and it is time to find a replacement. So, I must decide – will I save or splurge this time.

While I'd like a pair as good as my Diesels, I haven't quite found anything I like. Also, I'm out of college now so I'm not wearing them as much. However, I do need a good comfy shoe.

For me, a nice, preferably leather, sneaker is a great basic that gives my feet some time off from my heels. They're fun and comfy.

Unless I fall in love with something expensive, this purchase might be right between a save and a splurge. I probably won't spend as much as I did not my Diesel sneakers but I won't go the cheap route either because I'll just have to replace them sooner.

Do you save or splurge on your stylish sneakers?

Pictured: Puma, The Black Label H Street, $130


Jael Paris said…
Even I would wear those Pumas.

When I worked in a warehouse, I bought cheap sneakers figuring I wouldn't wear them much outside of work, but I got what I paid for. The synthetic material made me overheat, and the lack of arch support had me hobbling around on sore feet. I then bought a nicer pair (on clearance) that was made of breathable mesh and had built in gel pads. I should really just stop buying cheap shoes.
Anonymous said…
Like you, I prefer high heels. However, I'm also very active and enjoy sports, exercise and nice, long walks. When it comes to sneakers, I splurge no doubt! You need to in order to get the right fit and style for whatever activity you might be doing. I love those pink sneakers in the picture!

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