Save or Splurge: Basic Bead Necklaces

I love a basic strange of beads. These necklaces can add color and a bit of fun to any outfit. They are classic, cute and easy to wear. They also are easy to find in almost every color you can imagine. I have quite a collection of these in an array of colors, and I'm always looking for more.

For me, basic beads are my best save. Even this Midnight Bead necklace from Forever 21 is a bit too much money at $4.80. Yep, even $5 is high for me. I prefer to find them at garage sales an thrift stores for a dollar or two. I might "splurge" on a $5 to $10 necklace if it is a color I've been looking for, but I usually stick to my ultra-cheap budget. I often see people spending $8 to $20 on these, and I don't get it when they can be found so much cheaper. So far I've spent as little as 25 cents and as much as $2.

Do you save or splurge on your basic beads?


Jael Paris said…
Goodwill all the way.

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