Project Runway: Episode 5

Tonight was the first group challenge! The designers had to work in teams of two. These challenges always create fights, which can be entertaining. Unfortunately, they sometimes eliminate some of the better designers because the leader of the team with the worst outfit goes. And the leader became the leader because they had a really good concept. I don't know if that's the case tonight though.

The designers had to create a day to night look for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. The winning look will be worn on Season 2 (really? a second season?) of Lipstick Jungle. Of course, Brooke Shields was the this week's guest judge.

My favorite team was Jerell and Stella. They worked well together. I typically don't like Stella because her designs lack originality and she only uses leather. Stella usually seems lost too, but working in a team gave her the guidance that she needed. Jerell lead the team, and Stella's leather expertise fit into his design. Her craftsmanship on the belt shows and enhances the silhouette Jerell created. I wish this had won, but it wasn't the favorite of Ms. Shields.

She favored Keith and Kenley's outfit. Keith's unique design gave him the leader spot, and he created a look that, according to Shields, the Lipstick Jungle character would wear. I like this too, and Keith created a great skirt.

Blayne and Leanne almost had the losing look. Blayne wanted to try a short look that would go day to night. However, creating work-wear is not Blayne's thing. Also, Leanne seems to lack confidence in the group setting so she didn't bring much to the collaboration. The judges deemed the look too casual and not expensive-looking enough.

Team Kelli and Daniel found themselves with the losing look. Micheal Kors chanted "slutty, slutty, slutty" to the corset under the jacket, which was to stand alone for the night look. I felt like chanting along with him. The outfit did not look finished or polished. While Daniel hasn't done much that's great and Kelli did win the first challenge, I wish Kelli would have owned her design and told the judges she should go home over Daniel. Instead, she sold Daniel out saying he wasn't as good as she was so he should go home. For poor taste, in both the design and the choice to blame-shift, Kelli went home.

Next week: Drag Queens (And Chris from last season will back!) because what Project Runway really needs to put even more Queens in one room...!

Photo Source: Bravo


Anonymous said…
I didn't want to read your post as I haven't seen the episode yet but just a quick glance at those outfits does not bode well....some of them look a little cheesy...
becca said…
Part of that has to do with the challenge I think, but overall, I feel like the designers just aren't as good as last year...

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