Project Runway: Episode 4

Tonight Project Runway contestants were challenged to design uniforms they think would be great for the Olympic opening ceremony. Olympic athlete, Apolo Ohno, also of Dancing with the Stars fame, was the guest judge. As always, beware of spoilers.

Most of the designers understood that Red, White, and Blue were important, but a few missed that message. Also, many of them didn't think about who would be wearing these outfits or perhaps that they should be at least slightly athletic. The designers only made the women's look so we'll have to image what the guys might be wearing.

There are still no stand-out designers. I couldn't predict who might make it to fashion week yet. There are some outstanding personalities. Of course, Suede is still referring to Suede in the third person. And tanorexic Blayne is starting to pale without access to a tanning salon every other day. He may die before he is eliminated.

Personally, I think this outfit by Jerell was a mess. I cannot picture it as the outfit that represents America's athletic ability, and what would the guys wear?

Daniel's cocktail dress obsession/background seemed to hinder him. Micheal Kors said this about his look: "If your sport is drinking, it's a great dress."

Jennifer is out. Her outfit was cute-ish, but had absolutely nothing to do with the challenge. She seemed to think it was about what SHE would wear to the Olympics rather than was the athletes would wear.

Joe made the most athletic outfit, which makes sense with his sportswear background. If his skirt had been a better length he may have even won. As it was, the judges liked his outfit.

Korto made the winning outfit. It's very nice. The lightweight leather vest adds some edge to the clean, up-to-date look. The judges loved it. She has immunity for next week.

Photo Source: Bravo


Jael Paris said…
Ono's a hottie. You didn't tell me the hottie was involved!

Bonnets scream "champion"

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