Playing With Men's Shirts

When reading The Classic Ten, I kept thinking about what I could do with a men's shirt. I already knew I could make a skirt out of one, but this past rainy Saturday I played around with one of my dad's old button downs. (Sorry for the sloppy photography and lack of face. I hide for work.)

With this first one, I just buttoned every other button hole. I saw something like it in one of John Galliano's shows from the 1980s. I like the idea, but it doesn't carry off well with this rather structureless shirt.
Then I put the shirt on upsidedown, folded that bottom hem a bit, and wore it in a draped way.
Adding a belt takes this to another level. I like the how it makes a dramatic collar and ruffled bottom. I've worn this look out twice and got rave reviews. The thicker belt worked better at keeping the look together.
By wearing it upsidedown, the buttons then run along the bottom. I buttoned those from one end to the other and rolled the collar. I like the classy casual look it creates.

I'm unsure about this last look. I twisted the shirt in the back and flipped up the buttons up toward the top. What do you think?


Rachel said…
I actually like them all except the first one. The ones with belts all look great :)
Jael Paris said…
Looking through this again, I realize I should have cleaned the mirror first.
becca said…
These looks are very cool. I love the ones with belts. I'll have to tray some of these.

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