Love or Loathe: Cut-Out Swimsuits

One the one hand, I appreciate that I walked around the fair this year and didn't see a single teeny bikini top substituting as a shirt thanks to the cut-out trend. These suits certainly offer sex appeal with a bit more security. On the other hand, all I can think when I see one is "Horrible tan lines!" But when have sex appeal and logic really gone together? What do you think of the monokini swimwear trend?

yellow monokini, Victoria's Secret $25.99


becca said…
I don't think I care for these. They don't look very forgiving, and the tan lines would be really bad.
Rachel said…
I honestly think they tend to look trashy. This one is really just a bikini with a little triangle of fabric connecting the two pieces in front (it looks like a bikini from the back)... unless you have belly button confidence issues you might as well wear a bikini.

...not to mention the tan lines ;)
Anonymous said…
I'm not a fan, though as a tall girl, I'm not a fan of many one pieces. Still, if I'm going to wear a one piece, it's going to be a one piece. Not a one piece that is trying so very hard to be a bikini. You fail monokini.
Unknown said…
I think some of these bikinis are nice looking, but most of them are not. And the tan lines would be really bad.

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