The Horror: Sullying Coach

I've had a classic Coach saddle bag for almost a decade. I love the cross-body strap, supple leather, and shiny hardware. Even though it's not one of their modern logo bags, people constant stop me to ask if my purse is a Coach. The shapes the bag and latch are distinct. So distinct that Susan Nichole shouldn't have tried ripping them off for this fringed, embossed nightmare. She certainly took the idea of a saddle bag to it's rhinestone cowboy extreme.


Anonymous said…
Actually, I like the embossing. I have a wallet from Relic that has an embossed paisley pattern in subtle tones like that. But the fringe takes it from cute to WHAT IS THAT. Can I cut off the fringe and just have the bag?
Anonymous said…
Wow, for the majority of this post I thought you were saying THAT was your purse. I was creeped.

What item do you get complimented on the most? I think it's interesting to see the weird things people tend to pick up on. I have a big, bright bright green purse that I get stopped for all the time. Actually, my boss asked about it today.
Jael Paris said…
I'd be creeped too!

Women most frequently compliment my dresses and jewelry. Men compliment my heels and even ask where I buy my shoes.

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