The Horror: Stomach Flap Dress

For some reason this Black Rhinestone Sleeve Dresses by eDressMe exists. I just can't figure out what that reason is. The description for the dress claims it has a "sexy midriff slit" and calls it a "sexy black fitted dress." "Sexy" was not my first thought.

The excess stomach fabric could be for the pregnant woman who wants to avoid wearing the cute maternity clothing that is now available. Perhaps, it's for those bloated days when a girl still wants to wear something tight, shiny and awkwardly revealing.

Maybe the rhinestones were meant to distract people from the obviously draping fiasco in the middle of the dress. Or perhaps the designer hates working there and was just trying to get fired.

It costs $152 (which is not enough punishment for wanting this dress) and comes in black, red or white.


Jael Paris said…
She must have given birth to a vampire half-breed who had to bite its way out of her stomach...or I should read different books. I'll read Eliot. No vampires in the Waste Land.
Anonymous said…
Looks like she put on her older brothers hoodie, cut a slit for her torso, and tried to be creative with the sleeves. *shudder*
Anonymous said…
It is quite cute though
Maybe for those with 6 pack abs or piercing in their navels?

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