The Horror: It Is Still August

I know that celebrities like to trot out designer goods on the red carpet before they've hit the stores. You know, just in case the flashing camera and adoring fans weren't enough to remind us that they're special. But I don't care who designed them, how expensive they'll be for the plebs or how far in advance you got them. None of those things are an excuse for wearing boots in the summer. In L.A. no less. Most of the celebrities sporting this anti-seasonal look are teen pop stars such as Miley Cyrus (pictured) or the Cheetah Girls. While the glittery eye shadow set is not one to look to for fashion tips, girls all over the country still want to emulate them. I imagine schools will be hit with a fainting epidemic in the coming weeks as middle schoolers refuse to part with their Mukuluks.


Rachel said…
I seem to remember you wanting to wear shorts in the winter... ;)
Jael Paris said…
With tights and boots!
Anonymous said…
I won't lie to you. When I get my Frye Adriennes in the mail, I'm wearing them even if it's 95 outside. Rabid bears couldn't stop me.

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