Etsy Shop of the Week: Broad Street

Etsian MisfitChic, who makes lovely collars, recommended checking out Broad Street, an Etsy shop full of rich, heavily ornamented jewelry. This wonderful recommendation tempts my over-the-top jewelry obsession.

Broad Street's shop profile says "I want my jewelry to be more than just a chain with a pendant on it, but a time capsule with a story of it's own to tell."

With the one-of-kind pieces crafted from recycled jewelry, Broad Street has created an entire shop full of time capsules. The opulent aesthetics of the jewelry and the eco-friendly shop philosophy make this Etsy shop a box full of rare treasures.

Broad Street does take custom orders and has quite reasonable prices ranging from $20 to $80 for the unique creations.

Titian's Daughter Necklace $72


Anonymous said…
Broad Street Rocks! Sooo talented at reconstructing and peicing together vintage jewelry to make a peice of art. I got a neclace as a gift and it was a sure hit.

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