End of Season Swimsuit Sale

I bought a swimsuit at the end of last summer and didn't get to use it until this weekend. Not only is it a little too sheer when wet, it's a little too, um, loose in the water. Rather than let the waiting disaster happen, I'm shopping around. (I wasn't crazy about the silly hibiscus print anyway.) Those suits becca found on Etsy are my first option, but here are some other nice suits I found marked 40% off or more. (Sorry to all you bikini lovers. I just don't trust the itsy bitsy to contain all my hotness.)
Top: black polka dot retro bikini, Victoria's Secret, balconet $29.99 & high-waisted bottoms $21.99
yellow ruffled skirted bikini, Urban Outfitters, top $14.99 & bottom $19.99
cranberry square neck, Calvin Klein, Saks Fifth Avenue $46.90
black and white floral one-piece, Merona, Target $17.49
mint with gold and pearl trim, Betsey Johnson "Zigfield", tankini $69.99 & skirted bottom $19.99
Bottom: navy rope trim bandeau, Anthropoloie $49.95
hot pink polka dot bikini, J.Crew, top $34.99 & bottom $29.99
grey retro one-piece, Urban Outfitters $29.99
blue woven mesh, Spiegel $29
plum dandelion print bandeau, Gap $31.88
green embroidered one-piece, Newport News $49


Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
Some of these bikinis are really cute. I really like the yellow ruffles suit, and that's a good price for it as well.

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