Dior Pushes Monochrome for Fall

When I asked about wearing one color head to toe, you were skeptical. You seemed far more excited about becca's devotion to not matching. With fall coming up, I wanted to revisit upcoming trends. I'd completely forgotten about Christian Dior's matchy-matchy, ladies who lunch show.
Matching gloves, hats, skirts, tops, jackets, purses, and even shoes. Part of this seems like brilliant marketing. If you really want to be matchy-matchy, you have to buy your entire outfit from the same company to ensure the dye lot is the same. Way to rake in the cash during tough economic times, Dior.

What do you think of this trend?


Anonymous said…
We get old women at the shoe store that want to match their shoes to their clothes. Matching navies, and browns, sometimes pinks... It's much easier to find a contrasting shoe. If it's a perfect match, fine, but when shades and tones are a little off, it looks odd to me.
Anonymous said…
I like the idea, although it would be expensive to do the head to toe look. I also think you will need to find the perfect hair and make-up, as these looks seem to highlight the face more.
- kerri81

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