Cuffs and Collars

A few months ago, I bought this cuff and collar set from Twelve by Twelve. I remember things like this being sold in the 80s, and people would wear them with sweaters to give the illusion that they were wearing a full shirt underneath. That's not how I wear it. I don't think of the cuffs and collar as shirt parts as much as alternative jewelry. Generally, big, bold jewelry is worn with something simple, and my favorite way to wear these is with a simple grey sheath dress.

Overall, fabric jewelry is a great way to add a bold accessory cheaper than you can get more traditional jewelry. And if you want to spend the money on lush fabrics like cashmere and wool, your jewelry can even help you stay warm come fall.

Etsy is a great place to get cuffs and collars, but I also recommend renaissance faires and museum gift shops. Of course, the cheapest -- and most fun -- way to go about getting some cuffs and collars is to make them yourself.
Top: orange felt neck ruff, Rudman on Etsy $28
blue pleated and ruffled collar, Mono, Stars and Infinite Darkness $79
pewter silk jabot, Frock Tarts on Etsy $35
burgundy velvet collar with rose toggle, Rose 'a Pois, Yoox $90
Bottom: reversible black and white collar, Petronella Fashions on Etsy $15
black lace neck corset, KVO Design on Etsy $42
knit scarflette available in 14 colors, Tickled Pink Knits on Etsy $68
cream lace neck ruff, Misfitchic on Etsy $20
Top: green silk and brown velvet cuff, Dog Days Designs on Etsy $35
grey leather fingerless gloves, Nine West $58 (Want!)
lace satin and rhinestone cuff, Nostalgic Corner on Etsy $89.99
ombre arm warmers, Vince, Shopbop $125
Bottom: black lace cuff, TotusMel on Etsy $48
velvet "Guinevere" cuff, Boudoir Queen on Etsy $75
cream lace Venetian cuffs, Victorian Trading Company $24.95
striped cuffs, Sock Dreams $20


Merily said…
It'd look gorgeous with that dress.
Such nice combo.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for mentioning Misfitchic neck ruffs! I'm obsessed with alternative neck coverings and welcome your enthusiam for them, too!
Anonymous said…
Lovely stuff!!
TotusMel said…
Thanks so much for adding my tatted cuff to that lovely collage of filled goodness!
Anonymous said…
Love the pewter silk jabot ruff...
Angela franco said…
great post... and your sets are amazing!!!
Waterrose said…
What a great review of cuffs and collars. Accessories make the world go round...
kraplap said…
I love what you bought ! and thanks for featuring my reversible B&W collar

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