Want! Over the Top Neckalces

I've become obsessed with over the top necklaces. I love anything with mutiple strands, tons of charms, asymmetrical layers and a lot going on. I started falling in love with super busy costume jewelry when I was working at Macy's selling mostly Betsey Johnson jewelry like this multi-layered charm necklace (pictured left).

These necklaces are great for adding interest to a basic outfit. Over the top necklaces can take jeans and tee to a whole new level. Since these are such statement pieces, they are the only accessory an outfit needs so they are pretty easy to style..

I've been seeing more and more of this fun jewelry, like this Subversive for Target necklace (pictured right), which I might go buy right after I finished this post.

I've been searching for more and more statement pieces like these since I tend to wear a lot of basics. So far, I've had the best luck finding amazing necklaces on Etsy. The styles range from lovely and layered to charms gone wild to cute and quirky.

Here of some of the great necklaces I've found there so far:

Top Row:
Bells of Love by staroftheeast
Attack of the Giant Butterfly by mking43
Turcq Odalisque by AncaNY
Loverush by Mikiye

Bottom Row:
Dripping with Pearls by TheLetterG
Feminine Wiles MmeFortuna
The Royal Medallion by Ameera
Giant Multicoloured Button Necklace by itsalovelycake

Also, Jael Paris wrote about dressing up a basic shift with bold accessories, click here to see some of her ideas.


StaroftheEast said…
Awesome necklaces!! Thank you for including ours among these beauties!
Anonymous said…
Wow I am in love with the feminine wiles one! Thanks so much for featuring us ^_^
Anonymous said…
We truly appreciate being featured with such a talented array of fashion forward designers! I think as fellow Etsians we can all say thank you for supporting the handmade in the USA culture.
Anonymous said…
So pretty! Check out a Broad Street on Etsy, the necklaces fit in right with your theme: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5180064
Anonymous said…
...or handmade in the UK :P

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