Summer Cardigan

In the summer months, I wear gobs of retro feminine sun dresses. They're perfect for my sweltering, sweaty time outside. They're not so great for over air conditioned offices and movie theaters. Thus, I've been searching for a cute summer cardigan. I like this white, puff-sleeved one button cardigan by Kensie. Not only would the cut be flattering on my body, but the high bamboo count would also feel better than a synthetic number from Forever 21. This summer sweater is $86 at Urban Minx and is also available in lavender.


Anonymous said…
I dunno, I got one of those cheapo ones from Forever 21 last year in a bright green just for fun, and it has become something I wear all the time. All those problem shirts and odd fits on top just kind of... disappear. I realize any cardigan would do this, but I'm a little smitten with the green. I don't think it's too scratchy, but I'm young and broke and might not be picky enough yet.
Jael Paris said…
F21 and I have a love/hate relationship.

When it comes to fabrics, I'm like the princess and the pea. If it's itchy in the slightest, I won't want to wear it. I can usually avoid this by buying certain fabrics and avoiding others.

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