Save or Splurge: Full Slips

As a lover of dresses, I find it rather frustrating that full slips are not more readily available. Sure JC Penny and Kohl's sell that ill fitting full slip with no curves built in, but that is only going to bunch under most dresses.

This nicely fitted slip (pictured right) is from HerRoom, and it costs $78. That would definitely be a splurge, but if it fits well and you can afford it, it's probably a good buy.

Since $78 is a little out of my price range, I hit up some great vintage shops where I found a variety of full slips. Most of the slips are from the pre-spandex era so they are are fitted without clinging to bumps and lines. This means the slips actually smooth everything out. I found the perfect slip for only $14. It's in great condition, it's beige (nude would have been best, but beige is good) and it's the perfect length for my dresses. Most vintage slips are sized by bra sizes, so that should help a little when you're trying to find one that fits.

While I think splurging for a good slip is great if you are a lover of dresses, I love finding a save whenever possible. Also, if you don't live near good vintage shops, Antrhopologie and Urban Outfitters sell full slips for $38 to $48.

Would you splurge on a full slip?


Rachel said…
Save... but if I actually found one (that fits, no less) I'd probably spend a little more than usual. I would be happy if I could find a skirt slip!
Anh said…
I was looking for a full slip a month ago and was surprise to find that a lot of stores doesn't carry them. I purchased mine at Kohls for $20. Walmart has them too, but not to many variety (they only carried one length).
Anh said…
Oops forgot to put my opinion. I might splurge a little, since it was hard to find in the first place.

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