Save or Splurge: Colorful Shoes

I am a major advocate for colored shoes. They add a lot to a basic outfit. I have almost completely stopped buying black shoes in favor of buying as many colors of shoes as I can. I owe my love for colored shoes to Jael Paris who banned me from buying anything black after examining my wardrobe.

I am also a major advocate for comfortable shoes. This doesn't mean I sacrifice style, I just insist on a good fit and a good shoe. I won't buy shoes just because they are pretty anymore. They must be pretty and comfortable.

All of that considered, this sounds like I'm gearing up for a splurge, but I'm not. I believe fun, comfy, colorful shoes should be a save. This doesn't mean I won't splurge on a great pair of perfect shoes, but I will save whenever I can.

Colorful shoes tend to end up on clearance rack more often than their neutral friends. This is especially true if you have a odd sized foot. For example, I scored a pair of size 11 purple Mary Janes for $21. They are from Naturalizer and cost $79 originally. I'd say that's a save.

Since bright, fun shoes are often put on sale, go shop and save and become more fashionable in the process.

Platform Pump from Newport News $19 from $39


Crispy Banana said…
I save, I splurge. I love a deal, but when you fall in love with a pair of shoes, price is hardly the issue. the issue I eat for a week, or buy these shoes!?!?! lol

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