Love or Loathe: Sheer Bras

Indiana summers are hot and sticky, so my usual slightly padded bras are tortuously hot. I love the idea of a sheer, unpadded bra for the summer. However, in execution, I've found the mesh itchy in the heat. What are your thoughts on unpadded, sheer bras?

navy floral sheer bra, Forever 21 $7.80


Anonymous said…
Go for the thin cotton instead. I know Victoria's Secret makes 'em, and they're decent, if not pricey. You can often find them in the bargain bin there too because they're not the intended sexy undergarments that a lot of people immediately gravitate to. They breathe nicely and don't itch like the mesh. I actually break out in hives with the mesh bras, and let me tell you... there aren't many worse places to have hives.
Rachel said…
I think most kinds of lace or mesh are itchy, so I don't go for them in general. I don't care for the sheer bra look anyway.
Anonymous said…
nobody makes padded bras in a 38E. there's some comfortable non-padded non-lace bras at the gap though, i like the double lined ones.

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