The Horror: Sheer Tank

Originally, I was going to post about the cuteness of this sheer, double-cross strap tank from Urban Outfitters. It looks light enough for summer's most blazing days, but the cute straps in the back give it some unexpected personality missing from most of American Apparel's offerings.
But this top poses a logistics problem that can only be solved with photography. You sharp readers will notice that the view of the back reveals the straps to be quite low, so low that you can't even wear a bra. Normally, this would still be alright for a small chested girl, but the tank is sheer. In the front view of the picture, the model is wearing a bra. I'm okay with layering a cute bra under a sheer shirt, but the lines of a bra would completely mess up the look you're going for with the back. So for trying to market this top in a way it can never be worn, it's a horror.


Anonymous said…
Poor marketing, yes. Cool design, also yes. I would think it would still look good if you wore it with a plain white undershirt-style tank top underneath, though. It's a really cute top.
Anonymous said…
So cute, yet so unwearable. *sigh*

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