Harnesses, Yes, Harnesses

Susie Bubble recently posted about Fleet Ilay's harnesses. After the pony play episode of Bones left my head, I started thinking about classic detective movies. The cool, strong detective leaning on his desk, hashing out the facts with his partner, both of them clad in button down shirts and a leather holster. Is there anything more manly than a tough, mustachioed cop from the 1970s? (I couldn't find such a screen shot, so I will appease you with Steve McQueen.)
Of course, this is begging to be feminized. This can easily be done with the same basic wardrobe plus heels and lipstick. But instead of sporting an empty holster in our gun-fearing, gun-obsessed society (which could be a fascinating fashion commentary in an of itself), in comes the harness. Even though several fashion companies started in the equestrian field, they've shied away from what is now considered fetish wear. Thankfully, I was able to avoid an afternoon searching fetish shops. Kelly Horrigan, yet another fantastic Etsy shop owner, sells a military-inspired, across-the-body harness for $250.


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^ Agreed.

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