Etsy Shop of the Week: Pretty Ditty

I think cooking is fun, and cute aprons only add to the fun. Pretty Ditty on Etsy makes an array of bright, fun aprons. This shop offers colorful, classic aprons for any occasion, even the holidays. Pretty Ditty designer, Jamie Christina, creates both full and half aprons. With unique patterns ranging from floral to skulls, there is sure to be an apron for an personality.

My favorites are the Shibuki Dragon apron (pictured) and the Delight apron. These lovely aprons would also make great gifts for your fashionable foodie friends. All of the full aprons cost $48 and the half aprons cost $38.


Pretty Ditty said…
Thank you for featuring me in your blog. I love fashion and I'm really excited to have found your blog. I look forward to more great fashion finds via your blog. Thanks again =)
Jael Paris said…
My current apron was made in 8th grade home ec. I should look into these.

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