Bra for a Strapless Dress

I've never purchased a strapless dress. I feel insecure in them. Furthermore, my strapless bra is so ridiculously padded that wearing it with a summer dress is counter productive. If I had a bra with some sassy, yes sassy, straps, I'd be willing to try wearing the bra with the dress as if the sassy straps were merely part of the look. Sista Shei's salmon pink buckle halter would look sublime with a little, black number. Would you go for this look?


Anonymous said…
HELL YES I would! I absolutely would; that's an amazing idea, and I just might buy that bra to go with the cute, comfy black modal strapless coverup dress that sits sadly in my closet because strapless bras cannot properly contain my breasts.

This is the most exciting thing I've seen fashion-wise in a while.
Cathy Anderson said…
I love this!!! I can wear it under tank tops and sleeveless shirts and be very comfortable. And it pulls you in a bit and reduces you a cup to 1/2 cup size. I really like wonderbra bras , I have a big chest. It stays in place!!!! Believe me, it does. I now have 3 to get me through the summer months.

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