70% Off Naturalizer Shoes!

Naturalizer is my favorite shoe store. That may sound boring to some people, but my dream job involves standing all day. Their shoes are comfortable and well made; plus, they don't make five inch heels for a size 6 foot. (Many shoe designers seem to have skipped physics entirely.) I was thrilled to discover Naturalizer is having a 70% off sale. I'm enamored with these red patent, mary jane flats for $39.99. They'd be perfect to pair with summer dresses, but you could wear them in the winter with heavy tights.
Oddly, I find myself contemplating a pair of sneakers. I like the bowling shoe, nerd chic of these brown leather and canvas sneaks. But $49.99 is a little much for something this pump devote may not wear often.These white wedges with black trim would be great everyday office shoes. A two inch heel is perfect for giving you lift without hurting your feet. If you're worried about wearing white shoes, patent leather can be easily cleaned with Windex.Naturalizer also has some cute purses. I'm thinking about this orange clutch for $19.99. It's big enough for day, and it's a good way to work orange, my most feared color, into my wardrobe.
I think I'll head to the mall this weekend to pick up some black sandals. Should I get these gladiator inspired heels for $39.99 or these classic sandals with a comfy gel sole for $29.99?


becca said…
I bought the black heels a few weeks ago. They are wonderfully comfy.

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